Looking for Ways to AMP up Your Next Event?

Picture Perfect Party Entertainment

Connie Brooks is a great asset to any venue. Whether you have a Christmas party for your employees, a birthday party for your children, or a party where you just want to impress your friends, her talent and expertise can help make it happen. People love to have pictures of themselves.

Tradeshow/Convention Attraction

Attract people to your tradeshow booth with a free give-away caricature gift you give to them. While Connie immortalizes them on paper, you get to pitch your products and services to potential customers while they watch and wait for their turn. Plus your logo and information is printed on the paper for them to remember you by… So give your booth the advantage!

Services Offered:

  • 20–25 drawings of Black and White Faces Per Hour
  • 10–12 drawings of Watercolor Faces Per Hour
  • Logo/Event Printed on Paper (Optional)
  • Multiple People in One Picture
  • High Quality Card Stock Paper
  • Great Resemblances
  • Former Disneyland Artist
  • References

For more information, e-mail at connie.1@earthlink.net or call (402) 707-7828