Professionally Trained Caricature Artist

Passion, Creativity, and Excellent Craftsmanship

I’ve been drawing faces since I was 3 years old. Draw, draw, draw. That’s all I did. I knew what I’d be when I grew up.

I have been professionally trained since 1980. With the very first caricature drawing, I was timed. “You have 1 ½ minutes to draw the face and 1 ½ minutes to draw the body.”

Wow! Oh! Ahh! OK! I didn’t even know how to do it!

Well, as the story goes on. I draw with permanent marker pens and for color I brush on watercolor. I’m very fast and very good.

I was born and raised by Disneyland in Southern California so I naturally had to draw there as well. So I did. What a fantastic place to work. It’s an incredibly unique and special place.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State University Fullerton. I now live in Omaha, Nebraska serving the Midwest and Rocky Mountains.

Why Pick Us?

  • Fast and accurate 3 minute caricatures
  • Available Most Hours for Parties and Travel
  • Former Disneyland Caricature Artist
  • Have Certain Style on Services, Products, and Brands
  • Professionally Trained, Experienced, And Credible
  • Provide Total Clients Satisfaction
  • Reliable and Committed